Briquetting Machine for Scrap Recycling

YUKE is a professional briquetting equipment manufacturer in China. We specialize in the R&D, production and sales of briquetting machine, briquetting press, industrial dryer and other machinery. Our products mainly include metal powder briquetting machine, mineral powder briquetting machine, coal briquetting machine, metal chip briquetting press, coal briquetting press, copper chip briquetting press, aluminum chip briquetting press, drum dryer, belt dryer, chain conveyor dryer, etc. These machines have found wide application in various enterprises such as coal briquette plant, steel plant, power plant, cement plant, etc. In metallurgy, chemical, energy, transportation and heating industries, they are also highly recognized. As a specialist producer of industrial wastes processing machinery, YUKE provides various drying and briquetting solutions as well as complete equipment of briquetting system to deal with wastes and dust. After processed by YUKE machinery, the industrial wastes can be efficiently recycled, enabling your enterprise to make full use of resources and improving wastes utilization ratio.More

    1. Steel Slag Briquetting Machine

      For instance, steel plant can use this equipment to further process the steel powder and slag to make steel. Mill scale can also be compressed in the briquette machine to form a ball-like product which can be used as the main material of ferrosilicon manufacturing. In addition, compressed fluorite powder can be applied as cosolvent in steeling making.

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    1. Charcoal Briquetting Machine

      The formed charcoal briquettes are extremely useful in industrial and civil applications. For example, they can be used as industrial fuel for smelting, casting, etc. as well as home fuel for heating. Thereby, this charcoal briquetting machine makes great contribution to improving the utilization ratio of charcoal dust. In addition, this cold press briquetting equipment works with low energy ...

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    1. High Pressure Dry Powder Briquetting Machine

      This hydraulic dry powder briquette machine is mainly characterized by high pressure, high briquetting success rate, stable performance, low energy consumption and no pollution. In addition, the finished briquettes boast high strength, and are unbreakable property during the process of transportation or smelting.

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    1. Metal Chip Briquetting Press

      The metal chip briquetting press fits for a variety of raw materials, including granule material, powdery material and blocky material. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, building industry and other industries. In addition, the density of finished products can reach over 5T/M3 (density and weight depend on raw materials). The briquettes can directly be put into furnace for reusing.

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    1. Aluminum Chip Briquetting Press

      The aluminum briquettes made by this metal scraps briquetting machine boast high density, high intensity and original material features, thus ensuring convenience for storage and transport as well as reducing loss in recycling and saving enormous cost for customers. The aluminum chip briquetting press is suitable for aluminum alloy extrusions plant, aluminum casting plant and ...

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    1. Drum Dryer

      Thanks to reliable running, flexible operation, strong suitability and high handling capacity, this rotary dryer is perfect for drying all kinds of mineral, chemical and biological materials such as coal slime, gypsum, mineral powder, sludge, coal ash, iron powder, fluorite powder, mill scale, iron powder, sand, wood chip, sawdust, chicken manure, fertilizer, palm slag, etc.

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