1. Aluminum Briquetting MachineIt can not only put aluminum materials into full use, but also save great deal of resources consumption as well as economic cost for you. Thus, our aluminum briquetting machine is your best choice for processing aluminum wastes.
    1. Hydraulic Briquetting MachineThanks to the hydraulic device, the pressure for compressing raw materials can keep constant. In addition, when bigger or harder materials enter into rollers, the hydraulic system will work to protect the roller and ensure higher briquetting efficiency.
    1. Steel Slag Briquetting Machine

      For instance, steel plant can use this equipment to further process the steel powder and slag to make steel. Mill scale can also be compressed in the briquette machine to form a ball-like product which can be used as the main material of ferrosilicon manufacturing. In addition, compressed fluorite powder can be applied as cosolvent in steeling making.

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    1. Mill Scale Briquetting MachineThis mill scale briquetting machine is a energy saving and environment friendly mechanical equipment, presenting the ability of making full use of industrial wastes and saving energy consumption and economic cost for enterprises.
    1. Coal Slime Briquetting MachineYUKE coal slime briquetting machine can be used to compress the coal slimes with water content of less than 15% by high pressure rollers into briquettes with higher density, lower moisture content, and uniform size and shape.
    1. Coke Briquetting MachineOwing to many superiorities such as large pressure, stable performance, high briquetting efficiency, etc. YUKE coke briquette making machine can produce the most premium coke pellets which boast high intensity and are unbreakable during transporting or burning.
    1. Coal Briquetting MachineYUKE coal briquette machine can be used to compress powdery anthracite, soft coal, peat, coking coal, lignite, etc. to form coal briquettes used for generating power, making gas, smelting metal, heating, and burning in boiler.
    1. Charcoal Briquetting Machine

      The formed charcoal briquettes are extremely useful in industrial and civil applications. For example, they can be used as industrial fuel for smelting, casting, etc. as well as home fuel for heating. Thereby, this charcoal briquetting machine makes great contribution to improving the utilization ratio of charcoal dust. In addition, this cold press briquetting equipment works with low energy ...

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    1. Lime Briquetting MachineAs a great chemical reactant, the lime briquette produced by YUKE lime powder briquetting machinery is widely used in coal, metallurgy and chemical industry and other industries.
    1. High Pressure Dry Powder Briquetting Machine

      This hydraulic dry powder briquette machine is mainly characterized by high pressure, high briquetting success rate, stable performance, low energy consumption and no pollution. In addition, the finished briquettes boast high strength, and are unbreakable property during the process of transportation or smelting.

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    1. Mineral Powder Briquetting MachineThrough being made into briquettes, these wasted mineral slag and powder can be reused in various industries, hence increasing additional value of mineral resources.
    1. Iron Ore Fines Briquetting MachineThis metal powder briquette machine can be used to compress iron ore fines, iron powder, mill scale, steel powder, ferrosilicon powder, etc.
    1. Iron Powder Briquetting MachineIn addition, the briquettes are available in various shapes, including oval shape, egg shape, pillow shape, square shape, etc. Special shape made as per requirements of customer is also available.
    1. Ferro Silicon Powder Briquetting MachineThe metal powder briquetting equipment can be used to process ferro silicon powder, iron powder, iron ore powder, mill scale, steel powder, etc. into briquettes with high hardness and uniform shapes.

Briquetting Machine

The briquetting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment designed for making powdery material into briquette by high pressure double roller compressing. This briquette making machine can be used for processing wide variety of mineral powders and chemical powders such as coal powder, mineral powder, flue gas desulfurization gypsum, coke powder, charcoal dust, iron powder, mill scale, fluorite powder, aluminum powder, refractory matter, etc. It is widely used in coal briquette plant, steel plant, power plant, chemical plant and cement plant as well as some industries such as metallurgy, chemical, refractory material, energy, transportation, heat supply, etc.

This briquette forming machine can turn raw materials into pellets that are convenient for transportation, thus improving utilization ratio of waste materials and bringing excellent economic benefit and social benefit. The shape of the finished products made by this briquetting machine is various and can be customized. The industrial briquetting machinery has won great popularity and recognition among large and medium-size enterprises in the world. It can not only save a large amount of resource consumption and economic cost, but also play a critical role in developing circular economy. Hence, it is an energy saving and environment friendly equipment.

The briquetting machine manufactured by YUKE has obtained the certificates of ISO9001, CE, GOST, etc. In addition, we have applied many patents for this briquetting equipment.