1. Metal Chip Briquetting Press

      The metal chip briquetting press fits for a variety of raw materials, including granule material, powdery material and blocky material. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, building industry and other industries. In addition, the density of finished products can reach over 5T/M3 (density and weight depend on raw materials). The briquettes can directly be put into furnace for reusing.

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    1. Sponge Iron Briquetting PressWithout having to add any adhesive, the sponge iron briquetting press can make sponge iron, iron powder and iron chip into briquette by means of cold press molding instead of heating or adding additives.
    1. Iron Chip Briquetting PressThe briquettes can be directly formed by cold press with no process of heating or adding additives while maintaining the original material properties so that they can be stored, transported and placed in smelting furnace.
    1. Copper Chip Briquetting PressThis briquette processing equipment can produce high density and high strength products, which not only offer you convenience for transportation but also help you increase the utilization ratio of metal scraps and bring you considerable economic benefits.
    1. Aluminum Chip Briquetting Press

      The aluminum briquettes made by this metal scraps briquetting machine boast high density, high intensity and original material features, thus ensuring convenience for storage and transport as well as reducing loss in recycling and saving enormous cost for customers. The aluminum chip briquetting press is suitable for aluminum alloy extrusions plant, aluminum casting plant and ...

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    1. Coal Briquetting PressCompared with the conventional coking coal, the formed coke made by using this coal briquetting press comes with better effect, lower time and material consumption, higher melted iron temperature, stable furnace, etc.

Hydraulic Briquetting Press

The hydraulic briquetting press manufactured by YUKE can compress all kinds of metal chips such as iron chip, copper chip, aluminum chip, titanium chip, etc. , metal powders, including iron powder, aluminum powder, copper powder, lead powder, etc. , coal, smelting additive, sponge iron and others to form variously shaped briquettes without adding any adhesive. The briquette press features cold press molding process without having to heat, add additive or use other processes, thus maintaining original material properties so as to store, transport and put into furnace for reprocessing.

YUKE hydraulic briquetting press is provided with automatic screw feeder and automatic chain discharging device, hence reducing labor intensity. According to different purposes, the hydraulic briquette extruder can be divided into metal chip briquetting press, sponge iron briquetting press, coal briquetting press, straw briquetting press, iron chip briquetting press, etc. They are suitable for all kinds of raw materials including particle material, powdery material, blocky material, etc. and are widely used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, construction industry and other industries.

YUKE hydraulic briquetting press has been approved by National Quality Supervision Bureau and obtained certificates of ISO9001, CE, GOST, etc. Furthermore, we have applied for many patents for this metal briquette forming equipment. YUKE has won great popularity in briquette press industry.