1. Drum Dryer

      Thanks to reliable running, flexible operation, strong suitability and high handling capacity, this rotary dryer is perfect for drying all kinds of mineral, chemical and biological materials such as coal slime, gypsum, mineral powder, sludge, coal ash, iron powder, fluorite powder, mill scale, iron powder, sand, wood chip, sawdust, chicken manure, fertilizer, palm slag, etc.

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    1. Chain Conveyor DryerDue to unique air distributing device, the distribution of heated air is more even, thereby ensuring conformity of product quality.
      The heat source of this industrial drying machinery can be steam, conduction oil, flue gas, etc.
    1. Vertical DryerCompared with chain conveyor dryer, the investment amount of this vertical dryer decrease by 50% and floor space reduces by 67% to 80%.
      The energy consumption and operating cost are considerably reduced.
    1. Belt DryerThe belt dryer is a kind of industrial drying machinery that is used for continuous drying of sheet-shaped, bar-shaped and granular materials such as coal briquette, mineral briquette, fluorite powder briquette, etc. by means of electrical heating, steam heating and hot air heating.

Industrial Dryer

The industrial dryer is used for continuously processing large bulks of material that need their moisture content lowered. YUKE drying machinery is widely used in various industries such as metallurgy, building material, food, grain, chemical, coal, pharmaceuticals and mineral industry, etc. The moisture content of dried materials can reach less than 5% (moisture content can be adjusted by control system), which will reduce transportation cost and make it easier for storage.

As a specialist manufacturer of industrial dryer in China, YUKE offers you various types of drying equipment, including drum dryer, chain conveyor dryer, vertical dryer and belt dryer. We have obtained many technical patents, and our dryers have passed the inspection of National Supervision Bureau and earned the certificates of ISO9001, CE, GOST, etc. With rich and extensive application experience in different industries, we can offer you the most professional industrial dryer solutions to deal with specific application fields. For instance, YUKE industrial drying machine has been used by all kinds of industry to dry mill scale, coal slime, iron powder, wood chip, raw coal, etc.