1. Drum Dryer for Animal ManureYUKE drum dryer for animal manure is a perfect drying equipment developed to dry a large bulks of animal manure such as chicken manure, cow dung, pig manure and other manures in livestock farms so as to eliminate stink and bacteria growth as well as lighten them for easy transportation.
    1. Drum Dryer for Mineral PowderIn our drum dryer for mineral powder, the materials can fully contact with the gas, thus improving drying efficiency and keeping structure of the mineral substances undamaged under high temperature.
    1. Drum Dryer for Coal SlimeWhen it is used for drying coal slime, the moisture content of the dried product can be less than 8% and the fineness can be under 8mm. Thanks to powerful overloading capacity and drying efficiency, our drum dryer for coal slime has obtained wide application in domestic and overseas enterprises.
    1. Drum Dryer for GypsumThe dried FGD gypsum produced by this gypsum rotary dryer can be used as cement retarder or calcined into semi-hydrated gypsum that is utilized to make gypsum board, gypsum block and gypsum plaster.
    1. Drum Dryer for Iron Powder It has gained extensive application in domestic and overseas enterprises. The moisture content of the material dried by this drum dryer for iron powder can be reduce to less than 5%.
    1. Drum Dryer for CoalThe drum dryer for coal is mainly used to dry the raw coal with 20%-40% moisture content, and the dried coal can be used for power generating, home heating, blast furnace smelting, etc.
    1. Drum Dryer for SandDue to reliable operation and large handling capacity, this sand drying machine presents prominent drying effect to river sand, yellow sand, quartz sand, ore sand, etc. and has won great popularity in such industries as construction, metallurgy, chemical, foundry, mineral products and others.
    1. Drum Dryer for SludgeSludge drying makes various disposing solutions possible. For instance, dried sludge can be used as farm fertilizer and fuel. It can also be burned for reducing landfill area.
    1. Drum Dryer for Wood ChipBeing proud of such features as large drying capacity, outstanding energy saving effect, low maintenance, etc. this rotary drying machine is widely used in various fields, including bio-fuel, building material, coal, mineral products, to name a few.

Drum Dryer

The drum dryer, also called horizontal dryer, is a kind of drying equipment used to minimize the moisture content of the material it is processing. Thanks to reliable running, flexible operation, strong suitability and high handling capacity, this rotary dryer is perfect for drying all kinds of mineral, chemical and biological materials such as coal slime, gypsum, mineral powder, sludge, coal ash, iron powder, fluorite powder, mill scale, iron powder, sand, wood chip, sawdust, chicken manure, fertilizer, palm slag, etc. It has been extensively used in metallurgy, building material, food, grain, chemical, coal, pharmaceutical and mining industry as well as other industries.

The materials handled by this drum drying machine contain little moisture content of less than 5% (the moisture content is adjustable), hence showing convenience for transportation and improving waste utilization ratio. The drum dryer has been widely used in large and medium size enterprises at home and abroad. For example, Shandong Laiwu steel plant uses this industrial dryer to dry coal slime; Oman Sujar steel plant employ it to dry iron powder; American Michigan Technological University adopts this equipment to dry wood chip; Australian Coal Mining LLC utilizes it to dry raw coal.

Approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and certificated by ISO9001, CE and GOST authorities, YUKE rotary drum dryer boasts high and reliable quality. In addition, we have applied for many drum dryer patents.