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Chain Conveyor Dryer

Product Instruction
The chain conveyor dryer is a continuous drying machinery designed for drying large bulks of sheet-shaped, bar-shaped and granular materials with higher air permeability, such as coal briquette, coal slime briquette, mineral powder briquette, etc. Today, this chain plate dryer has become one of the most significant equipment in the briquette production line.

1. The most outstanding characteristics of this briquette drying machine is that one layer of chain can plays the same role of two layers, thus ensuring higher drying efficiency.
2. The multi-layer chain conveyor drying equipment comes with small floor place and investment but large output and evaporation intensity.
3. In general, this type of dryer is superior over other types of dryer in terms of drying coal briquettes, coal slime briquettes and mineral powder briquettes.
4. YUKE chain conveyor dryer can adjust air flow, heating temperature, material standing time and feeding speed to achieve the optimal drying effect.
5. Chain washing system and material cooling system are available.
6. Most of air can be recycled, thus considerably saving energy.
7. Due to unique air distributing device, the distribution of heated air is more even, thereby ensuring conformity of product quality.
8. The heat source of this industrial drying machinery can be steam, conduction oil, flue gas, etc.
9. According to the requirements of customer, the number of chains can be added.

Working Principle
The chain conveyor dryer made by YUKE works under following principle. The materials are evenly distributed on the porous chain plates with various specifications. Under the force of driving unit, the chain plates carrying materials will travel in the dryer circularly. The heated gas from the heat source will flow through the materials, enabling them to be heated. After being heated, the moisture in the materials will evaporate, and the water vapor will be emitted from the exhaust hole of moisture. Through such steps, the materials can be efficiently dried.

The dryer box is combined by each standardized chain section. To save space, the chain conveyor dryer can boast multi layers. The common one has two chambers and three layers or two chambers and five layers. The length is 6-40m and the effective width is 0.6 to 3.0m.

Flow Chart of Chain Conveyor Dryer

1. Chain Conveyor Dryer
2. Smoke Exhaust Pipe
3. Chain Wheel
4. The Third Layer
5. The Second Layer

6. The First Layer
7. Hot Wind Chamber
8. Frame Structure
9. Conveyor
10. Ground Plane

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