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High Pressure Dry Powder Briquetting Machine

During the course of briquetting, most materials can not be formed unless you add liquid adhesive or blend them with water. However, some materials can not mix with water such as quick lime so that common briquetting machine shows incapability of processing those materials. Today, the high pressure dry powder briquetting machine made by YUKE is an ideal choice for you to solve such problem. This dry powder briquetting equipment can be used to process some powdery materials with low moisture content or without moisture. These materials are fed to rollers for compressing by means of high pressure screw feeder. Since it is equipped with hydraulic system, this high pressure briquette machine is also called hydraulic dry powder briquetting machine.

This hydraulic dry powder briquette machine is mainly characterized by high pressure, high briquetting success rate, stable performance, low energy consumption and no pollution. In addition, the finished briquettes boast high strength, and are unbreakable property during the process of transportation or smelting. YUKE high pressure dry powder briquetting machine is perfect for making coal powder, charcoal dust, lime powder, fluorite, aluminum powder, iron powder, steel slag, ferrosilicon powder, chromium powder, magnesium powder, nickel alloy powder and refractory material as well as powdery materials with low moisture content or no moisture into uniquely shaped briquettes.

The finished briquettes produced by this chromium powder briquette making machine have been proved the great usefulness in coal industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, etc. They can be applied as auxiliary materials of chemical and metal smelting. Following cases are great in point. Steel plants can use this high pressure dry powder briquetting machine to make mill scales into briquettes and then supply to chemical plants for making ferrosilicon; Lime briquettes can be used in blast furnace for preventing furnace sintering; aluminum briquettes can be put into smelting furnace for extracting aluminum; fluorite briquettes can be used as cosolvent for steel making.

1. High Pressure and High Briquetting Efficiency

YUKE briquetting machine is specially designed with four rollers that can enlarge equipment pressure and improve briquette making efficiency. In addition, hydraulic device can be alternative if required.

2. Energy Saving and Environment Friendliness
The press briquette machine is mainly used to press powdery industrial wastes and dust to regularly shaped briquettes for further usage, reducing dust pollution and improving resource utilization ratio. It can run in low power, thus saving much energy. Thanks to enclosed construction, the briquetting machine will not cause air and noise pollution.

3. Wide Application and Low Requirement for Working Environment
The industrial waste processing machinery is suitable for use in all countries around the world. According to different conditions of every country, it can be reasonably adjusted for normal use. Additionally, it can be used in all kinds of severe environment, such as extremely cold weather, high temperature, plateau, etc.

4. Easy Installation and Simple Transportation
This briquette machine is designed with high strength steel plate as its support, enabling it to be directly used on hard flat area without having to build a foundation. In addition, it is easy for users to transfer and transport this equipment.

5. Simple Operation and Easy Maintenance
The industrial fuel briquetting machine is available in semi-automatic and full automatic design as per customer’s requirements, thus ensuring less labor and simple operation. In daily use, you only need to do regular maintenance according to the maintenance instruction.

6. High Safety
All of drive parts of this industrial mechanical equipment such as drive shaft, gear, electric motor, belt pulley, etc. feature enclosed or semi-enclosed design, and it is outfitted with a observation table and hole on this briquette machine, thereby ensuring equipment safety and personal safety.

Working Principle
YUKE briquetting machine consists of three parts, namely feeding part, drive part and briquette molding part (main body).

1. Feeding Part
The feeding part is mainly used to achieve ration feeding so as to ensure that the materials can be fed into the rollers uniformly. Specifically, the screw feeder, driven by electromagnetic speed-adjustable motor, presses materials into the main feeding port compulsively by means of the belt pulley and worm reducer. Owing to constant torque, the motor can keep constant feeding pressure, ensuring stable briquette quality.

2. Drive Part
The main drive system of the briquetting machine is composed of motor, triangle belt, reducer, exposed gear and rollers. The power generated by the electromagnetic speed-adjustable motor transmits to the driving shaft through belt pulley, reducer and coupler, and the driving shaft will turn synchronously with the driven shaft by the exposed gear.

3. Briquette Molding Part
The core of the briquette molding part is the rollers. Through rollers, the raw materials can be compressed into briquettes with various shapes. In addition, the rollers feature overload protection, hence keeping sound quality.

Model YKHD530 YKHD650 YKHD 750 YKHD 850
Diameter(mm) 530 650 750 850
Width(mm) 196 196
Max lineal pressure ratio(t/cm) 5 6 6 8
Total pressure(t) 100 110 120 300
Power(kw) 45 55
Precompressed power(kw) 11 15 18.5 18.5
Power of the oil pump(kw) 1.5 1.5 2.2 3
Speed(r/min) 9 9 9 9
Capacity(t/h) 2-4 5-8 8-12 9-15
Size of the ball(mm) 38*25*13 (Defined by users)

Note: Above technical parameters are for reference and can be separately designed according to customer's actual situation. In addition, above briquetting machines can be separately equipped with hydraulic system.

Process Flow

Briquetting Line Process Flow Chart

1. Raw Material
2. Rated Silo
3. Conveyor
4. Frame
5. Inlet
6. Screw Forcing Feeding Device
7. Reducer

8. Motor
9. Base
10. High pressure Dry powder Briquetting Machine
11. Finished products
12. Discharging Conveyor
13. Conveyor

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