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Sponge Iron Briquetting Press

Sponge iron is mainly used as the raw material of steelmaking in electric furnace and can be used as coolant of steelmaking. It is the essential material for making premium steel and special steel. However, the sponge iron can not be directly utilized in that its density is too low. YUKE sponge iron briquetting press can compress this low carbon porous material with high pressure into regularly shaped and high density briquettes that can be directly used in furnace for making steel. This briquette press machine boasts quite wide application. That is, it can be used to process all kinds of metal chip including iron chip, sponge iron and iron powder, and suitable for multiple materials such as grain material, powdery material and blocky material. In metallurgy, chemical and construction industries, this metal powder briquetting press is highly welcomed.

Without having to add any adhesive, the sponge iron briquetting press can make sponge iron, iron powder and iron chip into briquette by means of cold press molding instead of heating or adding additives. Furthermore, the briquettes produced by this sponge iron forming machine boast the same prosperity with the raw material. Automatic screw feeder and chain discharging device are available in order to reduce labor intensity.

Features of Hydraulic Briquetting Press
1. Advanced Hydraulic Drive Device

YUKE hydraulic briquetting press adopts advanced hydraulic drive technology and premium wear resistant oil seal. The oil cylinder comes with state of the art processing technology, thus ensuring continuous running without weakening oil cylinder pressure, great durability and stability.

2. Low Energy Consumption and No Pollution
The briquette forming machine is mainly used to compress industrial wastes and dust into briquettes for recycling use, thereby reducing dust pollution and increasing resources utilization ratio. Special design in mechanical structure and power control allows this equipment to run in low power, thus saving considerable energy. In addition, thanks to enclosed structure design, the industrial wastes processing equipment will not generate air pollution and noise pollution.

3. Extensive Application and Great Adaptability
YUKE hydraulic briquetting press has found wide application in various countries around the world. It can adapt to the specific environment of every country by reasonable adjustment. Furthermore, even if used in severe environment such as freezing cold or high temperature weather, plateau, etc. the hydraulic briquette press can run normally.

4. Easy Installation and Convenient Transportation
YUKE metal scraps briquetting press adopts high strength steel plate as its standing legs which enable it to directly operate on flat hard area without having to build a foundation. That also generates no vibration, and makes it easy to transfer and transport the equipment.

5. Simple Operation and Easy Maintenance
The hydraulic briquetting press can operate in full automatic or semi-automatic mode according to the requirements of customer, thus saving labors and ensuring simple operation. It also features easy maintenance. That is, the only thing you should do to maintain this industrial briquetting machine is to regularly maintain it according to maintenance instruction.

6. High Safety
The drive part of YUKE briquetting press comes with enclosed design. For instance, driving shaft, motor, belt pulley and other drive parts features enclosed or semi-enclosed design. Together with observation platform and hole mounted on the equipment, safety during operation and observation is completely guaranteed.

1. YUKE hydraulic briquetting press is entirely manufactured from steel casting instead of steel plate weld assembly, eradicating cracking problem and improving stability and service life.

2. Advanced hydraulic drive technology, superposition and combination valves, superior wear resistant oil seal and specially constructed oil cylinder by up-to-the-minute technology keep continuous operation with full power and stability.

3. The metal powder forming press boasts computer control system which contributes to high automation, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

4. Automatic screw feeder and chain discharging device can be equipped based on user's condition.

Technical Parameters
Models Briquette diameter (mm) Briquette density(t/m3) Briquette weight(kg) Power (kw) Capacity (pcs/m) Notes
YK32-200 Φ80-100 4.0-5.2 2-3 11 2-3 Manual
YK32-300 Φ100-120 4.2-5.5 2-4 22 4-5 Full Automatic (with computer control)
YK32-400 Φ110-140 4.2-5.5 3-5 30 4-5 Full Automatic (with computer control)
YK32-500 Φ120-150 4.5-5.5 5-8 30 3-5 Full Automatic (with computer control)
YK32-600 Φ130-150 4.6-5.5 6-9 30-37 3-4 Full Automatic (with computer control)
YK32-700 Φ140-160 4.6-5.5 8-10 37 3-4 Full Automatic (with computer control)

Process Flow

1. Iron Powder
2. Iron Powder Briquetting Press
3. Annular Briquette

4. Tin
5. Tunnel Kiln
6. Reduced Iron

6. Reduced Iron
7. Hammer Crusher
8. Jaw Crusher

9. Sponge Iron Powder (fineness: about 3mm )
10. Sponge Iron High Density Briquetting Press
12. Finished Products

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