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Coal Briquetting Press

According to investigation, coking plants can annually produce millions of tons coke powder that can not be directly used in production but disposed at low price, thus resulting in severe resources waste. The coal briquetting press developed by YUKE is a perfect solution to make maximum use of this coke powder. To be specific, the coal powder forming machine can compress coke powder (or blind coal and meager lean coal) to form compact coal briquettes that can be put into furnace for casting formed cokes.

This coal briquette making equipment makes great contribution to formed coke casting and coking powder processing. In addition, formed coke made by means of this solution can not only make best use of coke powder but also improve casting quality. Compared with the conventional coking coal, the formed coke made by using this coal briquetting press comes with better effect, lower time and material consumption, higher melted iron temperature, stable furnace, etc.

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