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Drum Dryer for Sand

YUKE drum dryer for sand is the optimal drying device for those who want to dry river sand because of high production efficiency and long service life. Due to reliable operation and large handling capacity, this sand drying machine presents prominent drying effect to river sand, yellow sand, quartz sand, ore sand, etc. and has won great popularity in such industries as construction, metallurgy, chemical, foundry, mineral products and others. In addition, the dried sand is convenient for transportation, thus ensuring low transport cost.

Our drum dryer for sand has been widely recognized by domestic and overseas enterprises. Using this river sand drum dryer, you can reduce the moisture content of your sand under 5%. It has been certificated by ISO9001, CE and GOST authority bodies, and boasts multi items of patent.

Features of Industrial Dryer
1. High Drying Efficiency and Great Drying Effect

YUKE industrial dryer is a kind of efficient drying equipment designed for continuously drying large bulks of material by means of feeding from one end and discharging from the other end.

For those materials with high moisture and viscosity, our drum dryer for animal manure comes with special design on internal construction, thus ensuring higher drying efficiency. In addition, moisture content of the dried material can be flexibly adjusted and controlled according to the requirements of customer. Hence, our drum dryer can present excellent drying effect.

2. No Pollution, No Repulsive Smell and No Noise
Our industrial rotary dryer is characterized by enclosed structure design, thus causing no air pollution and noise pollution during drying process. In addition, the drum dryer is provided with multilevel dust removing device and deodorization device, thereby reducing environment pollution and eliminating repulsive smell from the exhausted gas.

3. Wide Application and Low Environment Requirement
YUKE industrial drum dryer has been widely used in various countries around the world. It can perfectly adapt to different environments of each country by voltage and engineering design adjustment. It can also withstand various severe environments, including freezing cold and high temperature as well as highland weather.

4. Easy Installation
Our drum drying machine can be placed on the flat area for direct use, thus keeping easy installation as well as convenient transportation and transference.

5. Simple Operation and Low Maintenance
YUKE drum dryer features full automatic or semi-automatic design, so it can efficiently operate with a few labors. Additionally, it needs very low maintenance. Regular maintenance according to instruction is the only thing you should do.

6. Definite Safety
Enclosed design of drive parts and specially designed observation unit will assure you definite safety during equipment running and inspection.

How does YUKE Drum Dryer Work?
1. Material Feeding

The wet stock will be firstly conveyed to the hopper by belt conveyor or bucket elevator. Then, the materials will be fed into the feed end through feeding pipe. The slope angle of the feeding pipe is bigger than the natural angle of the material so that they can smoothly flow into the dryer drum.

2. Drying Process and Material Discharge
The rotary drum slopes slightly. The materials fed into the drum from the higher end (feed end) will countercurrent contact with the heating carrying agent (heated gas or flue gas) blew into the drum from the lower end (discharge end). There is another situation that the material and heated gas enter the drum together from the lower end and implement co-current flow contact.

As the drum rotates, the material will move toward lower end under gravity. During the moving process, the material will be heated and dried directly or indirectly by the heat-carrying gas, and then conveyed out of the drum by belt conveyor or screw conveyor.

Specially, lifting plates are mounted on the internal wall, for the purpose of lifting the materials and scattering them, enabling the materials to fully contact with the heated gas so as to accelerate drying rate and facilitate material moving.

3. Heat-carrying Gas Emission
Before moving through the dryer drum, the heat-carrying gas will be processed by cyclone dust collector to separate the material blended in the gas. In addition, bag filter or dust washer can be used to further reduce dust content in the gas.

Technical Parameters
Model Gradient(%) Diameter (mm) Length(mm) Speed(r/min) Rotary Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Weigh(t)
YKRD0606 3-5 600 6000 3-8 3 0.5-1.5 2.9
YKRD0608 3-5 600 8000 3-8 4 0.6-1.2 3.1
YKRD0808 3-5 800 8000 3-8 4 0.8-2.0 3.5
YKRD0810 3-5 1000 8000 3-8 4 0.8-2.5 5.6
YKRD1010 3-5 1000 10000 3-8 5.5 1.0-3.5 6.7
YKRD1012 3-5 1000 12000 3-8 5.5 1.5-3.5 7.2
YKRD1208 3-5 1200 8000 3-8 7.5 2-4 8.8
YKRD1210 3-5 1200 10000 3-8 7.5 1.8-5 9.8
YKRD1212 3-5 1200 12000 3-8 11 2-6 10.5
YKRD1512 3-5 1500 12000 2-6 15 3.5-9 13.5
YKRD1514 3-5 1500 14000 2-6 15 4-11 15.4
YKRD1812 3-5 1800 12000 2-6 18.5 5-12 18.9
YKRD1814 3-5 1800 14000 2-6 18.5 5-15 23.2
YKRD1820 3-5 1800 20000 2-6 22 8-20 26.1
YKRD2018 3-5 2000 18000 2-6 30 8-23 36.5
YKRD2020 3-5 2000 20000 2-6 37 10-24 38.8
YKRD2218 3-5 2200 18000 1.5-6 37 10-25 42.3
YKRD2220 3-5 2200 20000 1.5-6 37 12-28 45.2
YKRD2420 3-5 2400 20000 1.5-5 45 18-30 50.7
YKRD2820 3-5 2800 20000 1.5-5 55 20-35 60.4
YKRD2824 3-5 2800 24000 1.5-5 75 25-35 70.4
YKRD3020 3-5 3000 20000 1.5-5 75 25-40 78.2
YKRD3025 3-5 3000 25000 1.5-5 75 30-45 104.9

Note: Above technical parameters are for reference,can be separately designed according to customer’s actual situation.

Flow Chart

1. Furnace
1-1. Gas Stove
2. Materials
3. Feeding Conveyor
4. Inlet
5. Feeding Cover
6. Roller Ring
7. Carrier Roller
8. Drum
9. Transmission

10. Gear Ring
11. Roller Ring
12. Carrier Roller
13. Discharge Cover
14. Dust Collector
15. Chimney
16. Induced Draft Fan
17. Motor
18. Outlet
19. Discharging Conveyor

Notes: This flow chart can be also designed based on customers'actual demand.

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